4 online conferences on 13th and 14th November

  • Equine-Assisted Therapy and Learning
  • Coaching with horses
  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Animal Communication

Where to start?

You will be able to access our virtual learning enviroment at the KOI Plataform after 9th November so you can get used to everything and watch to recorded contents and participate in the panels and Forums on 10th and 11th November with specialists from Brazil and South Africa.

Introductory Panels

On 10th and 11th November you will be able to participate to the Live Panels with special guests from Brazil and South Africa who will contextualize the work with animals in Brazil and in the World.

Original Content

Exclusive interviews previously recorded and subtitled followed by Live Q&A sessions, with consecutive interpretation.

Free Access to Content for 30 days

If you can’t make the live events, you will be able to watch the interviews and Q&A sessions later and leave your comments on the Koi Platform.

International Conferences

RUUD KNAAPEN (Netherlands)

A pioneer in Equine-Assisted Coaching, Ruud is also the author of the book Coachen met paarden; het systemisch perspectief. He lives in Holland and is currently focusing on developing the systemic thinking in various parts of the Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil.


Wynter is one of South Africa's most respected International Animal Communicators. Author of the book “Where is Biggles?”, she works assisting humans and domestic animals to understand one another, and in wildlife protection global programs.


With many years of experience in Equine-Assisted Therapy, French psychologist Nathalie Durel developed her own approach, which in 2010 became a certified training in equine-assisted interventions in Portugal, the Kiron®️ Method.


Annie is a psychologist with a Masters Degree in Learning Psychology and is also an Advanced Executive Coach. She is also regional director of EAGALA for Latin America. Fernando Cordero is a biologist and a certified executive and mind coach, as well as an equine specialist. Both are founders of TAAC - centered on equine-assisted coaching for the work enviroment.


She is one of the creators of the International Course on Systemic Veterinary Medicine. She dedicated her studies to a deep research on wild animals, especially to the natural behavior of sloths in tropical forests, with more than 50 scientific articles in national and international magazines, winning 5 consecutive awards by CNPq. She gives lectures on Medicine & Conservation throughout Brazil, and in several countries in Latin America.

Special Forum 13th November
The Subtle Connections between living beings

Rupert Sheldrake the great researcher of the morphic fields was one of our guests to be a speaker at this Online Seminar but due to his schedule and the intense work for the new book he is writing he will not be able to participate. But as a researcher and enthusiast of the dialogues about the subtle connections between all living beings and all natural phenomena he kindly provided us with some audios of his classes for translation in Portuguese for this event. Dr. Carla Soares was the one we have chosen to bring Sheldrake's content to our Special Forum since she is also a student of these connections.

Main Conferences

Time Zone: GMT -3, BRT

13th November


14th November


9:30am (GMT-3, BRT) Opening

10:00am (GMT-3, BRT) Nathalie Durel: Equine-assisted Psychotherapy

2:00pm (GMT-3, BRT) Annie Ricalde and Fernando Cordero: Coaching with Horses in the work environment.

4:00pm (GMT-3, BRT) Wynter Worsthorne: Interspecies Communication

Panels and Forums
9th to 11th November

Time Zone: GMT -3, BRT

November 9TH

10th November

Live at 7pm (GMT-3, BRT)

Panel: Animal Assisted Therapy Training scenario in Brazil

With Daniela Marinho, Claudia Vassão and Eliane Kuhn

Live at 8h30pm (GMT-3, BRT)

Panel: Systemic Organisation of the herd

With Vinícius Moreira, Claudia Vassão and Eliane Kuhn

11th November

Live at 7pm (GMT-3, BRT)

Panel: Pets and their place in family systems

With Anthea Myburgh from South Africa and Claudia Vassão from Brazil

Hostesses and mediators

Claudia Vassão

Creator of Omega Equine-Assisted Learning. She is a family constellator and one of the founders of the KOI Network. She has been working in the therapeutic area for over 15 years in Brazil, and since 2016 in South Africa.

Eliane Kuhn

International coordinator and facilitator of Omega Equine-Assisted Therapy and Learning Certification since 2017. She is a psychogenealogist and a family constellator specialized in Hypnosystemic Coaching, as well as in Equine-Assisted Therapy. Eliane is a facilitator and coordinator in Family Constellations courses at KOI Network.


Portuguese and English

Katharine Jansen (Kathy)

Family Constellator and Quantum Therapist working in Brazil, South Africa and Europe. Translator of the first Omega TAC course in Cape Town, South Africa. She is also one of the facilitators in the Family Constellation course at the KOI Network.

Michelle Araújo Dall'Agnol

Life coach, complementary therapist and English teacher for 12 years. Since 2013 she has integrated coaching tools in her classes to assist in the personal development of her students. She also works with Co-creation Coaching and Floral Therapy as a support to her clients.

Renata Ayra Souza Teixeira

Therapist in the field of integrative therapies for over 15 years, she is one of the creators of the Koi Network and coordinator in the KOI Biopsychology course. Translator and producer in South Africa Guided Trips 2018 and 2020 organized by Claudia Vassão.

"The ability to communicate with the animals is not limited to a special few. We are all able to listen to and understand all animals on a subtle, energetic level, from the smallest ant to the mighty lion. All we need is love and respect for all beings and a willingness to open our hearts and minds"

Wynter Worsthorne


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